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USTA Missouri Valley

 Adult Ranking Eligibility Facts

 1. To be considered eligible for a USTA MV Adult Section Ranking a player must participate in at least one section championship tournament in each division in which they want to be ranked. Doubles rankings are calculated with the same partner. If a player participates in doubles with different partners, they will be listed separately.

2. Final Ranking lists will be created at year end, calculating a players "Best Three Events". They are the events that awarded the highest points for a players results. The Section Championship may not be included in a players "Best Three" if a player’s results were better in a district event.

3. Players from other sections or who are not members of USTA are not eligible to participate in any Adult Section Championship Tournament.

4. Open Division, when offered is Open for players of any age to participate.

5. To play in NTRP Divisions Tournaments a player must have reached the ages of nineteen years prior to or during the calendar year in which he/she plays in her first NTRP Division Tournament. Players must have an NTRP Rating, or must Self Rate for any NTRP Tournament. NOTE: Procedure for Self Rating for a tournament can be found on the backside of this page.

6. If a player does not complete a tournament for any reason, no points are awarded for that tournament.

7. Standings Lists will be published monthly. These lists show players who have met the requirements for being ranked.

8. Non-eligible Players list may include players who have not yet played in a section championship for that division.

9. Player Records are available by clicking on your name on any list: eligible or non-eligible. Your record for that year will be listed. This may be printed and used for seeding if desired.

10. Missouri Valley Section adopted the Points Per Round System.

* Players are awarded points for how far they advance in a main draw of a tournament. See the Base Points Table. Players must also play until completion to receive their points.

* Players earn 25 points for each win they have in a Section tournament consolation bracket. Players earn 10 points for each win in a district tournament consolation bracket.